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Nitrogen Planning & Management

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Nitrogen Planning & Management

General Information

1. California Department of Agriculture Fertilizer Research and Education Program. FREP funds and facilitates research to advance the environmentally safe and agronomically sound use and handling of fertilizing materials.
2. CDFA FREP Fertilizer Guidelines.  California Department of Food and Agriculture’s excellent source of nutrient guidelines for a wide list of California crops.
3. USDA NRCS Nutrient Content Tool. Good source for calculating nutrient content, removals, etc.
4. IPNI Nutrient Removal Calculator. Similar to NRCS tool, another very useful tool.
5. N Uptake and N Release Models, University of California, Davis
6. Nitrogen Fertilizer Loading to Groundwater in the Central Valley (pdf)
7. Research on nutrient and fertilizer management (University of California website)
8. Division N Management Training for CCAs. University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources training modules, videos, etc. from CCA training related to N management for the ILRP nitrogen management plans.
9. Solution Center for Nutrient Management. University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources Division
10. University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources Division Nutrient Management for Vegetables, Fruit, and Nut Crops. Compiled information by crop, topic, and several online learning modules.

Useful General Information Hard Copy Books:

1. Soil Fertility and Fertilizers: An introduction to nutrient management, 8th Edition. (2013) Havlin, Beaton, Tisdale, and Nelson. Prentice Hall, 528 pages.
2. Western Fertilizer Handbook, 9th Edition.  (2010) Western Plant Health Association. Waveland Press, 356 pages.

1. Almonds
Photo credit: Lance Cheung, USDA NRCS

2. Cotton