About PlanTierra

PlanTierra provides scientific and agricultural consulting services to a variety of land and water managers. Our technical expertise and experience working with large, diverse teams, with stakeholders, and with regulatory agencies helps our clients make objective, informed, and cost-effective decisions. PlanTierra expertise includes the following areas:

  • Water conservation
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Water quality
  • Salinity, nutrient, specific ion, and trace element management
  • Plant nutrition and ecophysiology
  • Wastewater reuse and land application
  • Strategic planning, negotiation, expert witness
  • Land management, land stabilization, dust mitigation, and habitat creation
  • Watershed management
  • Agricultural research, extension, and production
  • Environmental planning and compliance
In addition, we have strong working relationships throughout the regulatory, agricultural, academic, and consulting communities. We work extensively with resource and regulatory agencies throughout California and the federal government, as well as with agricultural commodity groups, water quality coalitions, municipalities, and special districts (irrigation, drainage, urban water supply, flood control, and publicly owned treatment works). 

A select list of our clients 

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Owens Lake Stabilization

The California Rice Commission, Agricultural Water Quality

Imperial Irrigation District, Air Quality Program

The Nature Conservancy, Irrigation Efficiency

CV-SALTS, Basin- to Field-level Salt and Nitrogen Assessment

The Natomas Basin Conservancy, Habitat Conservation Implementation

Santa Clara Valley Water District, Irrigation Management

Sonoma County Water Agency, Field- to Basin-level Salt and Nitrogen Assessment

Delta Diablo Sanitation District, Irrigation with Recycled Water

Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District, Development of Recycled Water Irrigation Project

National Water Research Institute, Salt Management and Water Conservation

Central Valley Salinity Coalition, Agricultural and Soil Science support to basin planning process

Southern San Joaquin Valley MPEP Committee, Management Practices Evaluation Program