PlanTierra LLC

PlanTierra LLC, an environmental consulting firm, was founded in Davis, CA in June 2010, to provide capable, collaborative scientific support to a wide variety of agricultural and other land and water managers. We help clients with strategic planning, problem solving related to planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities, design and execution of research and analysis, scientific documentation, regulatory negotiation, and expert witness.

We have strong relationships throughout the regulatory, agricultural, academic, and consulting communities, and have experience working closely with federal agencies (USBR, EPA, DOE, DOD, and USAID), agricultural water quality and commodity groups, stakeholder groups and processes, regulatory (air and water quality) agencies, and special districts (irrigation, drainage, flood control, urban water, and publicly owned treatment works).

Senior staff is multi-lingual, with experience working in North America, Africa, and Asia. Current projects are in the Western United States, mainly California, and focus on large-scale land stabilization to prevent wind erosion and dust emissions; irrigation supply and return flow water quality; field- to 
basin-level water, salt, and nutrient management; habitat preservation; and water conservation. 

August 2016 Job Announcement for Staff Agronomist and/or Soil ScientistClick here for a full description of the position.

PlanTierra is a California Limited Liability Company, Small Business (#1484480), and WBE (CHS # l007A025), holding business licenses in Yolo County (#11251) and the City of Davis (#0035084/11-00039486).
Owens Lake. Photo courtesy of Ray Ramirez, LADWP.